Kit Greenslade

Kit joined the firm in March 2017 as an IT/ Digital developer and has helped with innovating the company’s social media and web presence, ensuring that every available digital tool is used by the company for our clients making sure they get the best possible exposure for their property across a whole medium of platforms. Kit stepped up to this role superbly and has used his knowledge gained from being a ICT technician at Churston Grammar School. Kit is a local Galmpton lad and has great ties to the village with a super connection to the farming world and in his spare time keeps his own sheep! Only in Devon can you find an agent and a sheep farmer!

Selling your home?

We’ve been selling property in Brixham for 90 years; It’s a long time and we’ve learnt a lot along the way. Perhaps the most important thing is how we treat our customers - we never lose sight of the fact that selling your home can be a stressful, complex and emotional time. That’s why we’re here to not only offer our unrivalled expertise but our guidance and support.

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