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Breakwater Life

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Thu 08 Jun 2017

Breakwater Life

Another major attraction of living in Brixham, is being able to regularly enjoy walking or jogging along the impressive Breakwater. Anyone living in the town or nearby, who has not experienced this walk should make it a priority this summer!

A massive structure built in sections from 1843 and extended between 1909 & 1916, it juts out into Torbay for approximately half a mile, making you feel that you walking right out into the Bay! With panoramic views back towards Brixham. 

The breakwater is an elongated rubble mound, faced with jointed masonry on its seaward side. Limestone blocks for it were quarried from Berry Head and deposited in the bay. It was designed by James Rendel, and a length of 427m was constructed in 1843. Work continued until money ran out that same year.

As you walk, you smell the sea salt and pick up the sea breezes. An early summer morning stroll is a fantastic way to start the day. As you head out into the bay you absorb the harbour activity and gently feel the port coming to life as fishing boats slowly steam out. You will walk past anglers with expecting fishing rods, casting out to sea, along with those getting their daily exercise. It is possible to fish both the seaward side and into the harbour. (you might catch: Wrasse, Conger Eels, Mackerel, Garfish, Bass, Pollack and Mullet). 

During storms, some spectacular huge waves smash over the breakwater- this makes for some great photography, from a safe distance.

A favourite time of mine is around 8:00pm on a summers evening, walking towards the light house as the sun bathes my face in the warmth and the lapping waves clear my head from the day’s activities. A great place to take a sandwich or flask, and just watch the boats, the clouds skimming by and the sun setting.