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5 Top Tips To Help Sell Your Home This Winter

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Mon 16 Oct 2017

5 Top Tips To Help Sell Your Home This Winter

In the winter months, you may think it would be harder to sell your house in the gloomy weather at this time of year. However we have some top tips to help you sell your house over the darker, colder months.

DIY is everything. Now is the time to finish off those jobs you’ve been putting off whilst sunning yourself on the beach. Leaky taps or wonky door handles can give a bad first impression. Also a fresh lick of paint (neutral colours work best) but a slight hint of a warmer colour, wouldn’t go a miss at this time of year.

       De-clutter and tidy your outside spaces. With the great British weather your garden and outside space won’t always look at its best at this time of year, especially after your big summer parties. Make sure you pack everything up and store away for the winter months this will also help your garden furniture last longer as it can deteriorate quickly if left out in winter. Also make sure your lawn and hedges are trimmed and look good, you don’t want perspective buyers getting wet feet from long grass and being attacked by your hedges.

       Switch on the lights. (No we don’t mean the fairy lights!). Having some lights on when perspective buyers come through your door out of the wet and windy weather, can play to your advantage. It helps create a warm and cosy ambience. This includes outside lighting. Check that all your bulbs work, to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

       Keep hallways and entrance ways clear. Make sure they are kept clean and tidy and maybe leave walking the dog till during/after the viewing. There could be nothing worse than walking through the door and tripping over a muddy pair of welly boats before stepping on the wet dog towel, not the best first impression for a perspective buyer.

          Turn up the heat. Probably one of the best tactics to selling your home this winter. Light the fire and put on the central heating. This helps create a warm comforting home, which in turn will lead any perspective buyers to want to stay in your home for as long as possible. Which will help them take the property in and give them a chance to chat with you about the property (might even be worth putting the kettle on), after all no one likes going out in the cold.

       And that’s our 5 top tips for selling your property this winter. Should you want to sell your property over the winter months, come into our office and have a chat or ring us on 01803 852736. 


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